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Troubleshoot Device Issues (Microphone, Camera, Headphones, Speaker)
Troubleshoot Device Issues (Microphone, Camera, Headphones, Speaker)
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If you are experiencing problems with camera a microphone before or during your Demio webinar, follow the steps below:

  1. Run a System Check to verify if your devices are working.

2. Confirm that the expected device is showing under the Audio or Video tab in your Event Room settings or in the System Check.

3. Ensure that Demio is allowed to access the device within the browser and the browser has system permissions to access the devices.

4. Check if your device is plugged in and not muted. Unplug it and then plug it back in to reset the connection.

5. Clear browser settings to refresh the connection from the Demio side.

6. If the issue persists, it may be another app or browser extension or plugin causing a block. Close ALL additional applications (ensure the devices aren’t used by other apps at that moment) and try to run a test in an incognito browser window (which would hide plugins and extensions on the browser).

7. Make sure you are using the latest browser version and try testing in another supported browser.

8. Run a third-party test to verify if the problem is Demio-specific or can be reproduced with other web-bases platforms. If the same issues exist in external test, try restarting your computer and attempt to test with another device or using another computer to see if it’s an actual hardware issue.

9. If it’s working in external web-based tests, but not in Demio, it may be a network issue or a Demio issue. To rule out network issue, please run a WebRTC test. If you see red crosses next to TCP or UDP in the Network tab or Relay connectivity in the Connectivity tab, refer to the following resource to troubleshoot blocked connection.

If the problem persists, reach out to our team via live chat or at [email protected] and we'll be happy to help!


  1. You may experience choppy audio or video when you initially turn on and connect your devices—this occurs as the connection is first being established and is normal. Once it successfully connects, everything should clear up.

  2. When you or any Presenters are ready to speak, after unmuting your microphone, wait approximately two seconds before speaking. This allows time for Demio's streams to fully connect and ensure the entire room can hear you.

  3. An older or poor-quality webcam or microphone may be a limiting factor in the quality that you're able to broadcast. Investing in quality equipment can make a difference for the video and audio quality of your webinar.

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