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Managing Devices (Webcam + Microphone)
Managing Devices (Webcam + Microphone)

A brief overview on sharing devices as a Host or Presenter.

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Turning on your webcam or microphone is super easy!

Once you're in the Event Room, you can go on Stage to be able to turn your webcam and/or microphone on.

You'll be prompted to choose the camera and choose if you want to apply a virtual background in the Video tab.

The Audio tab allows you to set up your microphone and speaker for audio output as well as run a system check for a smooth experience.

Any Admin with presentation abilities (either a Host or a Presenter) would be allowed to enable their device. Webcams are supported with a 16:9 ratio.

Mobile Devices

Managing your webcam and microphone from your mobile device follows the same instructions. Once you have selected Go On Stage at the bottom of your screen, you will be prompted to select the webcam, and then microphone, you would like to enable:


Permissions πŸ™

For more details on navigating device permissions on different browsers, check out: Enabling Device Permissions.

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