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Learn about the Stage size, how it works, and better understand where the Stage size limit comes from.

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Breaking Down the Stage Size! 🌟

The Stage size directly relates to the total number of concurrent people you can have on Stage at any one time. The Stage limitation is as follows:

  • Starter Plan: 4 people concurrently.

  • Growth Plan: 6 people concurrently.

  • Growth Trial: 6 people concurrently.

  • Legacy Plans: 6 people concurrently.

  • Premium Plan: 10 people concurrently.

  • Unlimited Plan: 15 people concurrently.

Based on your plan, you will be able to have that number of people on the Stage, all sharing their cameras/microphones at once.

✨ Quick Tip: Event Admins can view the Stage size from the Admin Details section of the Event details modal by selecting the Company Icon in the upper left-hand corner of your Event Room.

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