Breaking Down the Stage Size! 🌟

What is stage size? How does it work?

The stage size directly relates to the total number of concurrent people you can have on stage at any one time. The stage limitation is set to 4 people (for most plans) — this means you can have up to 4 people on the stage, all sharing their cameras/microphones at once.

✨ Quick Tip: Event admins can view the room's stage size from the Admin Details section of the event details modal

Why is my stage size limited?

Certain users on larger room size plans may have a smaller stage size. Due to the increased total number of Attendees that larger room sizes support, we scale back our stage size based on available infrastructure to prioritize stability.

We plan to continue working on scaling our infrastructure to increase the stage size for affected plans (as well as continually improving the stage size for all plans).

If you're a current user on a larger room size with a smaller stage size, and the limited stage size greatly impacts your business, please let our team know, and we can help explore some available options.

What are the current stage size limits?


Stage Size

1000 Attendee Room Size

3 Stage Size

All Others Plans

4 Stage Size

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