Getting Access! 🔑

Entering the Event Room is super simple!

All you need to do is navigate to your Dashboard, locate your upcoming event and simply select Join Room.

You can also find the option from within the Event Summary page.

Room Overview

The Event Room is where all the magic happens! ✨

It'll be the spot from where you and your team can start the event, manage any Attendees that join, and run through the presentation you've prepared.

It's also a great idea to jump into your Event Room before the event is set to go live and touch base with any other Event Admins (Presenters/Moderators), as well as check your devices (webcam/microphone/screen-share) or any presentation materials or chat resources you added.

Note: Keep in mind that the Webinar Room will only be available 24 hours prior to when the event is scheduled to go live.

Starting the Event

In order to start the event, all you'll need to do is click the Start Session button located in the top-left.

Just be sure you're ready to actually start, since you'll go live once you do!

Reviewing Your Controls

Immediately at the center of the screen (for Hosts or Presenters) will be a few different admin controls:

  • ability to enabled/disabled microphone
  • ability to enabled/disabled webcam
  • ability to open the sharing menu and start sharing any slide/video materials, or use the direct screen share options

Chat Area

On the right, you'll also find access to the Chat Box.

This is where you'll find the options to not only interact with Attendees, but also add Polls, Handouts, and Featured Actions.

You can learn more about our Chat Box here.

Managing the People

Finally, in the bottom-left corner, you'll find the Manage People area. From here, you'll be able to view and manage any Attendees, as well as any fellow Event Admins.

If by chance you see anyone in your event that isn't supposed to be there you have the option to ban them by clicking click on the Attendee you are looking to remove and clicking Ban Attendee. In this case, Attendee's join link would be deactivated and they won't be able to sign up again with the same email address.

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