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Presenters and Moderators

Learn about the different Admin roles you can create and set up for your Event room.

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Are other people running your Event alongside you? Maybe you have someone else presenting and speaking? Or perhaps you have a few folks on your team engaging and moderating the Attendees?

You'll want to invite them to your Event as an Admin: Managing Admins.

Breaking down the roles! πŸ‘₯

There are three Roles that you are able to add to your event: Moderators, Presenters, and Hosts.

  • Users on our Growth plan or higher will be able to add additional Hosts.

  • If you're on the Starter, you will only be able to add Guest Admins.

Each Role has a different set of permissions, allowing you to bring on your Team or any Guests in different ways:

  • Moderators πŸ‘€ . Permission to moderate chat, Resources, and Attendees. They can also enable their webcam/microphone if they are invited to the Stage, but Moderators cannot present anything to the audience. This means that Moderators will not be able to share their screen, slides, or video.

  • Presenters πŸ—£. Permission to enable their webcam or microphone as well as present any slides, videos, or share their screen to the audience. They can also moderate chat, resources, and Attendees.

  • Hosts πŸ‘€. Responsible for starting and stopping the Session. Hosts have all the permissions that Presenters and Moderators have. In addition to that, they are able to enable Spotlight mode and mute or kick someone off Stage.

Each plan tier has their own limit to the number of Event Admins and number of people they are allowed to bring on Stage at one time:

Plan Type

Event Admin

Stage Capacity













What about the room?

Inside of the Demio room, you and your Hosts, Presenters, and Moderators will appear in the View People section. Keep in mind, this section isn't visible to Attendees at all.

On the other hand, every person in the webinar will see the name of the Host, Presenter, Moderator, or Attendee when they are invited on Stage. The name of the person that's presenting can be seen when you hover over that person on Stage.

Only Admins designated as Hosts can start a Session. Presenters and Moderators are not able to start and/or stop webinar Sessions.

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