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AI Moderator for On-Demand Events
AI Moderator for On-Demand Events

Create a personalized experience for attendees of your on-demand sessions with AI Moderator.

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Demio AI is an AI-driven, interactive chat moderator that provides real-time responses and actively engages with Attendees of your On-Demand Sessions.

You can personalize the AI Moderator by assigning it a name and role and providing Event context to better assist Attendees with responses.


Under your Events tab, select the On-Demand Event you would like to edit.

Navigate to the Event Customize tab and open the Room section to see the Demio AI (AI Moderator) function.

You will have several customization options from there, including adding an Avatar for your AI Moderator, setting the name and a role, and providing the Event Context.

Name and Avatar will show up in the Event Room when the AI Moderator engages with your audience in the chat.

Role and Event Context allow the AI Moderator to set the right tone and learn things such as the topics, duration, and target audience of your Event -- to provide more accurate, in-depth responses to your Attendees.

You can enter up to 9000 characters in the Event Context field, which allows for clear and concise information to be provided to the AI Moderator.

Chat History

At any time you can access your On-Demand Session's Chat history to see the AI Moderator's responses and follow up with any Attendees as needed.

Event Context Template

The more context you're able to provide for the AI Moderator, the better the answers it can provide. The below template can serve as a framework to ensure seamless communication during the webinar.

Webinar topic: Provide the overarching theme or subject matter that the event will focus on. It could be anything from "Introduction to Artificial Intelligence" to "Exploring the Impact of AI on Healthcare."

On the agenda: Outline the schedule or itinerary for the webinar, detailing what topics will be covered and in what order. For example, it might include segments like "Keynote Address," "Panel Discussion," and "Audience Q&A."

Language: AI Moderator can support any language. All you need to do is tell it what language to respond with or even tell it to respond dynamically based on the language the Attendees may use in the chat!

Speakers: Include a list of individuals who will be presenting or speaking during the webinar. You may add their names, titles, and a brief bio or description of their expertise in the subject matter to provide the AI Moderator with as much context as possible.

Links: Provide any relevant links that attendees might need during or after the webinar, such as links to presentation slides, additional resources, or related articles for further reading.

Price: If you advertise products or services during the webinar, specify the pricing options that can be shared with attendees per request. If you don't advertise paid services or products, you can skip this section.

Best Practices for Training Demio AI

Properly setting up the AI moderator is a crucial step in achieving smooth and effective moderation. By dedicating time to preparation, you not only improve Demio AI's performance but also enhance the webinar experience for Attendees.

  • Be clear and specific. Provide relevant context and details specific to your webinar context. Avoid ambiguous or vague information. We also recommend you specify your preferred format and tone for the AI responses. If you have a preference for the tone of voice and format of the response, use the Event Context field to instruct the AI on the desired tone. For example, specify if the tone should be formal, friendly, or neutral, or if you want the AI to use emojis. Highlight specific phrases or expressions that align with your intended tone.

  • Tailor instructions to the specific scenarios the AI may encounter in the webinar. For instance, adjust the tone for welcoming messages, handling questions, or addressing issues. Offer specific phrases, greetings, or responses that align with your brand and the role that you provided the AI Moderator.

  • After setting up the AI Moderator, consider testing the AI in the Event Room by signing up to view your On-Demand Event to ensure the responses are accurate and meet expectations. You can also regularly review the AI-generated responses to ensure they align with your desired expectations by going to your Activity > On-Demand Messages tab.

  • Avoid using the AI for malicious purposes or generating inappropriate content.

  • Be aware of the AI’s limitations and potential biases. While these practices can enhance the quality of interactions and while we are constantly working to improve this feature and provide you with the best experience, AI models may not always produce contextually flawless responses.

Demio AI is available on our Premium and Unlimited plans for On-Demand Sessions only.

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