Manage Chat Analytics

Learn how to manage all of the chat messages sent from your Events.

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First, click on Events from the top menu, then click on the webinar title you need the Chat Analytics for:

Then click on the Messages count from the specific Session:

You will see the full list of chat messages from the Session with the option to filter the list and see All Messages or only messages marked as Question during the Session.

The data can be filtered by Session or by Date Range across multiple Sessions.

Click Export and you'll be able to download the chat log in the CSV format:

On-Demand Sessions

You can view and respond to On-Demand Session messages from the Messages section in your Event Activity tab as well. The view is a little different allowing you to view all messages per Registrant.

AI Moderator's messages will appear in this view as well.

You can directly send an email to any Attendee from this screen by typing your message in the text box below the chat log.

  • Your message will be sent directly to the Registrant's email address from [email protected].

  • If the Attendee responds to your email, you will receive the response at the email address set in your Email settings.

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