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Learn the difference between Public and Private Chats and how to switch between the two.

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What's the difference? 🐡 vs. πŸ™ˆ

The Chat Preference will determine whether or not chat messages sent from Attendees are shown to other Attendees.

When the chat is Public, Attendees can see chat messages sent by other Attendees.

On the other hand, when it's set to Private, those messages will not be shown to other Attendees.

Keep in mind that regardless of the Chat Preference, any Admins will be able to see all chats that come in.

Changing your Chat Preference! βš™οΈ

By default, your Chat Preference will be set to Public.

Here's exactly how to adjust it!

To start, find the Event you'd like to edit and open the drop down menu, from there click Customize.

In the Customize tab, you'll find the Room card where you'll be able to manage everything related to what goes on in the Event room.

To find the Chat Preferences, you'll want to select the Settings tab. Here you should see the option to set a Chat Preference for your Attendees.

Note: Chat is always set to Private for On-Demand Sessions.

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