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Attendee: Join an Event
Attendee: Join an Event

Learn how easy it is for Attendees to join and view Demio Events.

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Joining an webinar on Demio as an Attendee is super simple!

  1. First, you'll want to make sure you've successfully registered for an event. Once you've done so, you should be sent an email with a Unique Join Link!

Sometimes Hosts will disable the Confirmation/Reminder emails. If this is the case, they'll usually send you the Unique Join Link directly. If they don't, you can contact them directly to get access to the link.

2. Once you have the link, you'll be able to use the link directly in one of our supported browsers.

If your default browser is set to one of the browsers from above, you'll be able to simply click your Unique Join Link! You can also check and set your default browser on Mac and Windows.

You can also launch your browser manually and simply copy and paste the link.

3. That's it! You will now be brought to the webinar room and Demio will automatically log you in!
If the webinar hasn't started yet, you'll be brought to a waiting room instead. Once the webinar starts, you'll hear a gentle sound, inviting you to join the webinar room.

Note: Do not share your Unique Join Link with anyone else.

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