Managing Admins

Learn how to invite and manage any Presenters or Moderators.

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Ready to bring on a few Team Members or Guests to your Event?

You'll need to hop into the Event options and bring them on as Admins. Remember that there are three different Roles you can set up.

Also, the number of Event Admins in total will be based on your paid plan, you can refer to the chart below for your Event Admin limit:

Plan Type

Event Admin

Stage Capacity













Setting your crew up! 🔧

To start, you'll want to hop into the Additional Options by clicking on the button at the right-hand side of the Event card and clicking Customize.

From there, you'll find the Event Admins card where you'll be able to invite new Admins, as well as manage any existing ones. Each Event must have one designated Host.

For Starter plans, the account owner will be the only Admin that can be added as a Host. With our Growth plan or higher, you are able to invite new Team Members to grant someone else the Host Ability: Manage Team Members.

Adding a New Admin

You can add new Members as a Team Member or a Guest!

Team Members

Team Members with the Host Ability will need to be added to your account under your Settings page in the Team section or you can click + Add Team Member to be directed there. Once they are added, you will be able to select them from the dropdown.


If you are inviting someone to join your Event that does not have a Demio account, you can add them under the Guest tab. To add a new Admin that is a Guest with the Presenter or Moderator role, simply enter in their Name, Email, Role, and the sessions you want them added to, and then click the Add Admin button.

All set! Once invited, they will automatically be sent a confirmation email containing details for their session—including their Unique Join Link.

Manage an Existing Admin

All Admins added for the Event are listed in the Event Admins card, alongside their Role and a link to view which Sessions they've been invited to. You are able to grab an Admin's join link, resend email invitations, add the Event to the calendar, and manage the Admin's notifications and roles from this card.

Please note, that only Team Members get a Demio account and will be able to access the Events page. Guest Event Admins will only be able to join the webinar room using the Unique Join Link they receive in the email reminders.

Changing Session Dates for Event Admins

To change the Session dates that the Event Admin or Host is scheduled for, click on the All Sessions button. This will bring up a modal. If you uncheck the option to add the Host or Guest for all Sessions, you will see each upcoming Session and can select the Sessions you would like that Host or Guest to be included in:

Changing A Role

You can change the Admin Role by clicking the dropdown and selecting Edit Admin.

Then you can select the updated role for the Admin.

Managing Hosts

In order to join the room for any Event, including Automated Events, you'll need to add yourself as an Event Admin. If you don't, the Join Room button will be disabled.

If you're on the Growth plan or higher and have multiple Hosts, you can add them as Team Members to your Team and give them the Host Ability for specific Events.

Once you have added Team Members with the Host ability, they'll be available in your Team Member dropdown.

You can then choose to add them as a Host.

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