With Demio Team Members, you can invite your team to get their own login with access to your Demio account.

Team Members have access to all event settings and are also able to host webinar Sessions when you give them the Host Ability option.

You can invite as many Team Members to your Demio account as you'd like.

However, adding additional Team Members with the Host Ability is only available on our Business plan, which includes up to 3 additional Host seats at no charge. Reach out to our Support team if you're looking to add more!

Adding Team Members

To add Team Members, open Settings from the top-right menu.

Once in settings, click on the Team tab.

Here, you can manage and add more Team Members to your account. Click the +Add Team Member button to send an invitation.

If you wish to add a new Team Member as a Host, you can click on the Host Ability checkbox and Send Invite.

The Host Ability can be disabled or enabled for any Team Member anytime if you have Host slots available.

Once invited, you'll see the Pending (Invited) for the Member:

At this point, the Team Member will receive an email with instructions on how to get started; they'll first be required to set a password and name for their account.

You can further manage your team by deleting any currently existing users and adding new Team Members.

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