Whether it's updating your credit card details, upgrading to larger room size, or anything else billing-related, you'll want to jump over to the Billing settings in your account.

Click the drop-down arrow in the upper right-hand corner next to your account name.

From there, click on Settings:

Then click on the Billings tab. You'll find all of the billing options here!

Note: Only the Account Owner can make changes in the Billing Settings.

Update Card Details πŸ’³

If you want to update your payment method, select the Update card details option under Credit Card.

Simply plug in the new card details, click Save Changes, and you're set!

3D Secure Payments

If you use a credit card with 3D secure enabled, you will be redirected to your bank's credit card authentication modal to complete an additional authentication step and confirm payment. You will be redirected back to Demio when the authentication is completed.

If the invoice remains unpaid, you will see a warning notice.

By selecting Confirm Invoice, you will be able to confirm the transaction and you will be good to go!

Changing Your Plan πŸ’ͺ

We currently have multiple plans and you can choose whichever fits your needs best! If you want to upgrade or downgrade your plan, select the Adjust Plan option in your plan card.

Next, select one of the available plans and select Confirm Adjustments.

We'll automatically prorate upgrades for you. For any downgrades, the price change would be applied starting from the next billing period.

If you downgrade, you'll the list of features excluded from the lower plan when making the change:

Stop Upcoming Plan Change

If you have any upcoming plan changes, you'd be able to cancel them directly from within your Billing settings.

With this option you're able to stop:

  • Upcoming plan downgrades

  • End-of-Trial upgrades

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