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Connect an Integration

Learn how to connect your integration tool to Demio.

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We directly integrate with several different tools, currently focused around email marketing.

These Email Marketing Integration options include:

Pardot (available on Premium plan or higher)

Salesforce (available on Premium plan or higher)

Marketo (available on Premium plan or higher)

HubSpot (available on Premium plan or higher as well as during the free trial period)

We'll be continuously expanding these integrations, as well as adding other types of tools!

Setting It Up

To set up an integration, head over to the Settings area in the main menu of your account:

Once in Settings, you'll need to navigate to the Integrations tab.

From there, you'll be able to manage the current integration options that you've connected as well as connect new ones.

Note: Removing integration from Account Settings will erase all existing integration settings from your events.

Next Steps

Now that your integration has been connected with Demio, you'll be able to enable and set specific settings from the Integrations option card within the event.

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