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Connect your Demio account to HubSpot.

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Our direct HubSpot integration allows you to save time and improve the success of your webinar campaigns. Let's go over some of the amazing things you can do with it:

  1. Automatically sync Registrants, Attendees, and No Shows into three separate HubSpot lists for easy segmentation.

  2. Create and update HubSpot contacts from new Demio registrations.

  3. Pass any custom form field data from Demio to HubSpot upon registration.

  4. Save Registrants' Unique Join Links to custom fields inside of HubSpot.

  5. Record Timeline activity in HubSpot any time a person registers for a Demio Session or attends/misses a Demio Session.

  6. Make registration for Demio Events lightning fast with one-click registration links.

  7. Effortlessly register your HubSpot contacts for Demio Events directly from HubSpot via workflows or from the contact page.

It's a powerful way to make your webinar campaigns more effective. Check out this strategic video to learn how to make the most out of integrating Demio with HubSpot.

Making the Connection

Connecting your Demio account to your HubSpot account is a seamless experience! You'll want to start by accessing the Integrations section of your Settings.

From there, you'll notice the HubSpot integration from within the Add New section. Once selected, it will bring you to HubSpot's OAuth screen, where you can select your HubSpot account and confirm your choice by clicking Choose Account.

Click on the "Connect app" button and you're all set! You've successfully connected your HubSpot account to Demio. 🙌

Next Steps

Now that you've integrated HubSpot with Demio, you can enable and set specific settings from the Integrations option card within your Events.

Disconnect HubSpot Integration

To remove HubSpot integration from your Demio account, click on the HubSpot icon from Integrations settings and confirm the action.

Once done, you can verify that the integration has been disconnected by locating the HubSpot logo in the list of inactive integration options. Removing the integration only from the Demio account settings would allow you to continue segmenting HubSpot contacts based on historical timeline events.

Alternatively, you can uninstall Demio integration from your HubSpot account directly. In this case, you will no longer be able to access historical data for the "Registered," Attended," or "Missed" events in HubSpot.

After integration has been removed from HubSpot or from Demio account settings, any new data won't be transferred offer from Demio to HubSpot.

Passing Registrants from HubSpot into Demio

By creating a simple workflow in HubSpot (or by utilizing a previously made workflow), you can Register a Contact to your Event in Demio, meaning you now can work within HubSpot to assist in registering people for your Demio Events!

All you will need to do is ensure Demio and HubSpot have been connected by following the steps in this article, and you will be able to choose any Event with upcoming Sessions or any On-Demand Event, like so:

Registrants from HubSpot will appear in Demio with empty Location and custom fields (even for GDPR or required custom fields, this allows us to work around some of HubSpot's restrictions).

UTM tags will show HubSpot source and Workflow medium so you can tell which Registrant has come from which source:

You can also register an individual HubSpot Contact for an upcoming Demio Event from the Contact’s page directly:

The Event list in HubSpot is unordered but HubSpot does include a search option to find any Event you may want, and if you have multiple Demio accounts connected to the same HubSpot profile, you will be able to choose the Demio account you want to use for any specific workflow with the Demio Account dropdown.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do Record Timeline Events do?

You can enable Record Timeline Events for a specific Event. Doing so will create a HubSpot activity record any time a person registers for a Session or attends/misses a Session (this is recorded once the Session ends). It might take up to 10-20 minutes to see all the results in the timeline.

How to identify contacts coming From Demio?

'418995' is the application ID of the Demio integration. If you want to segment the contacts that Demio created, you can filter them by entering '418995' in the 'Original source drill-down 2' contact property filter.

Why contacts created by Demio are showing as non-marketing in HubSpot?

In HubSpot, any contacts created by integration or API by default will be set as Non-marketing. You can customize this setting in your HubSpot account directly.

Can I add registrants/attendees to active lists or only static lists?

You can add contacts to static lists via native integration settings. With that said, you can create active lists in HubSpot based on registrants' details sent by Demio. See the following article for reference: HubSpot Active Lists & Workflow Branches

HubSpot is a Premium integration available on our Premium plan or higher.

HubSpot integration is also available during the 14-day free trial period and will expire after the trial is over unless you upgrade to our Premium plan or higher.

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