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How to use Record Timeline Events to transfer information to HubSpot.

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By enabling the Record Timeline Events toggle when integrating HubSpot with your Demio Event, you can send registrants' details to HubSpot and create active HubSpot lists based on those details.

The Record Timeline Events setting creates a HubSpot activity record any time your contact registers for a Demio Session or attends/misses a Session (this is recorded once the Session ends) -- along with the Demio Event ID and Session ID identifiers.

If the Record Timeline Events toggle is not enabled, your contacts will simply be added to a specified Statis list, and those identifiers will not be recognized and filtered out.

It might take up to 20 minutes to see all the results in a contact's timeline.

Active Lists

HubSpot active lists automatically update, pulling in contacts based on pre-defined criteria (filters). They don’t duplicate contacts.

For instance, you can create an Active list with all registrants signed up for a specific Demio Event.

The Demio Event ID can be found in the URL of the Event page. For example, in -- the Event ID would be 101944.

Here's a quick overview of the steps you'd need to take to set up active lists with Demio registrants:


You can use details sent by the Demio Record Timeline Events integration setting when configuring branches in your HubSpot workflows -- to send registered contacts down multiple paths based on specific conditions.

In the example below, the branched workflow will send those who Attended, Missed or did not fit either criterion for a specific Event into a sequence for follow-up emails.

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