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Our direct Salesforce integration allows you to save time and improve the success of your webinar campaigns. Let's go over some of the amazing things you can do with it:

  1. Automatically sync Registrants, Attendees, and No-Shows into campaigns for easy segmentation.

  2. Create and Update Leads or Contacts from new registrations in Demio.

  3. Pass any custom form field data upon registration.

  4. Record Activity History each time someone registers/attends/misses an Event.

  5. Save Registrants' Unique Join Links to custom fields.

  6. Make registration lightning fast with one-click registration links.

It's a powerful way to make your webinar campaigns more effective. Let's dive in on how we'd want to set it all up!

Note: Salesforce is a Premium integration available on our Premium plan or higher. The integration is only set up to push information from Demio to Salesforce.

Making the Connection

Check out a quick how-to video first:

Connecting your Demio account to your Salesforce account is a seamless experience! You'll want to start by accessing your Settings:

And selecting the Integrations tab:

From there, you'll see the Salesforce integration from within the Add New section:

Once selected, it will bring you to Salesforce's OAuth screen, where you can select your Salesforce account to complete setting up Salesforce as one of your Current Integrations:

You're all set! You've successfully connected your Salesforce account to Demio. 🙌

Next Steps

Now that you've integrated Salesforce with Demio, you can enable and set specific settings from the Integrations option card within the Event:

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Record Activity History do?

You can enable Record Activity History for a specific Event. Doing so will create a Salesforce activity record any time a person registers for a Session or attends/misses a Session (this is recorded once the Session ends). It might take up to 10-20 minutes to see all the results in the Activity area.

Will Picklist/Checkbox custom fields be passed to Salesforce?

Yes, it will! The Picklist/Checkbox from Demio can be linked to Text Area in Salesforce. You need to create custom fields in Salesforce and select the data type Text Area.

Salutation and Industry are good examples of picklist fields in Salesforce. Suppose you want to capture this data in your registration form and pass it to Salesforce. In that case, we recommend creating Salutation and Industry custom fields in Salesforce and setting the data type to Text Area. Please select the data type URL for the Unique Join Jink.

I see "-" in my contacts/leads details. What does it mean?

Salesforce requires a few fields in Leads and Contacts. When these fields are empty in the registration form (or not required) or even not correctly matched during the integration setup, Demio will automatically add "-" to them. Here are the Salesforce required fields:

  • Leads: Company and LastName

  • Contacts: LastName

Can I connect my Salesforce Sandbox account to Demio?

Demio integration would only work with Production workspaces.

What are the daily API limits for Salesforce?

Salesforce's API supports up to 25 concurrent connections. The daily call limit depends on your Salesforce edition.

Org Type


Developer Edition and Trial orgs


Production orgs and Sandboxes


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