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Learn about the Attendee room size, how to increase it, and what occurs if you hit the limit during an Event.

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A Few Popular Questions! πŸ€”

What is room size and what does it affect?

The room size (based on the account plan) refers to the total number of concurrent Attendees that you can have in each scheduled Session. In other words, it is the maximum number of Attendees you can have in your Session at any one time.

The room size does not affect the total number of Registrations you can capture, nor does it affect the cumulative total of Attendees you can have for the Session.

If needed, you can set a Session Registration limit in the Event Settings.

How can I increase my room size?

Your maximum room size is based on your account plan which you can change at any time through the Billing settings.

Any changes will be applied as soon as your new plan comes into effect (upgrades occur immediately and downgrades occur at the end of your current billing cycle).

πŸ’‘ Note: If you upgrade during a live Event, the new room size will be applied to the live Event as soon as the upgrade occurs.

What happens if I hit the limit during an event?

If the total number of concurrent Attendees reaches the room size limit, any additional Attendees will be brought to a separate Session Is Full page, which includes a queue to inform the Attendee of their place in line to join the webinar.

Once they are up in the queue, either because another Attendee leaves or because the room size was increased through an upgrade, they will be able to join the webinar room. Admins will also be notified once the room reaches capacity, along with a clear indication of how many Attendees are in the queue.

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