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Account Owner Settings

Explore all of the Account Settings you have access to as the Account Owner.

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In Demio Account Settings, you can choose the default time zone and language, manage your Branding, Team, and Billing, set up integrations and more.

Only account owners have access to the Account Settings. The account owner is the main User on your Demio account who can manage the account-level settings. You do have the ability to set additional Owners in your Team Settings.

Breaking It Down!

Let's go over the settings and options you have for customizing the account first.

Accessing the Account Settings! βš™οΈ

In order to access the Account Settings, click on your name in the top right and click Settings.

You'll be brought directly to your Account Settings.

Let's take a quick peek at all the options you have here.

Profile πŸ–οΈ

Profile settings are available to all Users (Account Owner and Team Members) and allow you to update the name and email on your individual User account, as well as set up 2fa to protect your individual User account.


From this tab, you'll find access to options that allow you to edit the company name, edit the GDPR setting, as well as the default time zone and the default language for your account.

Note: Default time zones and language settings will be applied to any future Events. You can update the language and timezone settings for any existing event from the Event settings directly.


In the Branding settings, you can choose a color scheme and upload a logo to use on different pages that Attendees interact with, including: Registration/Thank You/Replay pages as well as the Event Room itself. You'll find Custom Domain settings in this tab as well.


Head to the Billing tab to manage your account billing. You can edit your billing address and payment method, download past invoices, and request the cancelation of your account from this page.


You'll be able to find your account API details here. Be sure to review the API limitations when working with Demio API.


Remember that one time when you were dreaming of that seamless flow directly between Demio and your own specialized integration? Well, dream no more β€” this is where we hook those things up!


This is the go-to spot for bringing your crew on. We're talking about adding and managing Team Members on your account!

Email Settings πŸ’Œ

Here is the section for updating your contact email address and email signature which appear on all Event Notifications sent from your Demio account to Registrants.

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