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Change the Default Language
Change the Default Language

Learn how to change the default language applied when you create an Event.

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Demio currently supports 21 total languages: 

  • English

  • Spanish (Español)

  • Italian (Italiano)

  • Dutch (Nederlands)

  • Russian (Русский)

  • French (Français)

  • German (Deutsch)

  • Portuguese (Português)

  • Norwegian

  • Finnish

  • Danish

  • Simplified Chinese (中文)

  • Hungarian

  • Polish

  • Croatian

  • Brasil (Português)

  • Latvian

  • Swedish

  • Czech

  • Romanian

  • Japanese

While logged into Demio, you can change your preferred language within your profile settings.

This will update the registration page buttons and dates/times to the chosen language, and allow you to send emails (instant confirmation, 24 hour reminder, 1 hour reminder and 15 minute reminder) in your chosen language.

Changing your preferred language is simple:

1.  Login to your Demio account → click on your name → click Settings.

2. Under the General tab, click on the Default Language option → It will display all of the current languages that Demio supports.

3. Select your preferred language and click Save.

4. Here's an example of an email received by the Attendee according to the language selected by the webinar Admin.

The language set in the account settings won't update for existing Events. For any existing Events, you'll need to change the language from Event Settings directly.

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