This includes adding a custom logo to the different pages that Attendees interact with: Registration/Thank You/Replay pages as well as the Event Room itself.

Simply head over to the Settings area in the main menu in your account:

Once in those settings, you'll see a Branding tab that you can navigate to.

You'll see a few options:

Select the Upload Logo box (or the current logo, if you've already uploaded one) that appears and you'll be prompted to choose an image file.

Following that, you'll be able to resize the logo and lock those changes in.

Note: The recommended size for a logo within Demio is 1060x230

Customizing the Color Scheme

You'll have two options to adjust the color scheme.

You can add in your desired HEX color code to select those directly.

Alternatively, you can select the color square and a color palette will appear for you to choose from.

Selecting the Pages

Once you've chosen your color and entered your HEX code, all you need to do is choose where you'd like to include your custom branding.

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