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Demio Fan Club Overview

Learn all about Demio’s program for rewarding customers with perks and special benefits.

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We love hearing that our Demio customers are reaching their goals and making great connections with their audiences. It means the world when you choose to share that experience with your networks and we developed a reward program called the Demio Fan Club to thank you for your continued support and championing. Members of the Demio Fan Club share their experience and earn $100 gift cards, gain access to special events, swag, and so much more.

There are 3 ways to earn a $100 gift card as a Demio customer:

  1. Refer a Company: Do you have friends at other companies that run webinars? Recruit them to join us!

  2. Refer a Coworker: Are there other teams at your company that run webinars? Help your coworkers find webinar success like yours by recruiting new Hosts to join your account. (Your Account Owner will have to add additional Hosts via their billing page.)

  3. Submit a Review: Are you a fan of Demio? Share the love! Adding a public review to Capterra, G2, or posting on LinkedIn and tagging us @Demio helps us reach more potential customers.

Claim Your Reward

Once you’ve completed one of the above actions, simply fill out this form. Once we confirm that you are a Demio customer (trial users do not qualify), your referral is a paying customer, you’ve just added a Host to your account, and/or your review is public on one of our three approved sites, we’ll email you a $100 gift card via Tremendous.

Demio Fan Club

Not only will you receive a $100 gift card, but we’ll also officially add you to the Demio Fan Club. Demio Fan Club members will receive special offers, invites, and other surprises!

Affiliate Program Note

We also have an Affiliate Program that is separate from our Demio Fan Club. You can only be part of one program at a time.

However, we're more than happy to move you from one program to another at any time! If you're an existing Affiliate and wish to use our Reward Program instead, please contact us directly. Simply request the swap and then start using the Demio Fan Club form moving forward. Even if you switch, we'll continue to pay any past Affiliate Program commissions.

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