Attendees are not allowed to turn on their Mics & Webcams by default. However, Hosts can grant Mic & Webcam permissions to Attendees anytime during a live webinar.

Note: This feature can only be used if the Attendee has supported Devices connected to their system (microphone/webcam). The options will be missing if the Attendee does not have the supported devices connected to the system.

We currently only support desktop browsers for using Microphones and Webcams with Demio. Attendees that wish to use their Mic / Webcam will need to join with a browser supported for Admins.

Follow the steps below for granting Mic & Webcam permissions to Attendees:

Click the Manage People icon:

A list of Attendees will be displayed. Select a specific Attendee to display a few options:

You'll find a few choices, including the option to invite them On Stage to use their Microphone & Webcam:

This will send a request to Attendees to Go On Stage.

If the Attendee clicks Go On stage, their Mic & Webcam will turn on and be displayed right away, but if they choose to not go on stage then they will need to be invited again when they are ready.

After the Attendee is On Stage, the Host or Presenter still has the ability to remove them and monitor their Mic & Webcam controls by selecting the Manage People icon:

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