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Event Room Mobile View
Event Room Mobile View

How the Event Room appears for mobile devices.

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The view your Attendees see when attending your Demio Event is critical, which is why we adhere to the best practices of the industry. In this article, we will share a little on what the Event looks like when your Attendee joins an Event.

When an Attendee joins an Event, you may have your webcam enabled, or a separate Material enabled (Slides/Video/Screen share). If your webcam is enable, your mobile viewers will see a square image that projects your webcam, ensuring you are front and center:

If you have a Material pulled up, your Attendees will see a rectangular view in 16:9, making sure that the full Slide/Video/Screen can be seen. You will also notice that the webcam is shifted up and to the left of the screen, so you remain visible while the focus can be on the Material being shared:

Here's a little more information on setting up the Event Room as well!

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