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Learn how to share your screen directly.

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Screen sharing in Demio is simple, and anyone who has Presenter controls (Hosts/Presenters) can share their screen.


If you plan on using screen sharing to share presentation slides, we highly suggest uploading them to Demio as Materials.

Otherwise, we'd recommend downgrading the screen resolution to 720p to achieve the best possible streaming quality. (Steps for Windows and for MacOS).

Starting a Screen Share

From your webinar room, you'll want to select Go On Stage at the bottom.

You'll then see the option to Go On Stage, offering the option to enable your webcam and microphone as needed.


Sharing your Screen

Next, you will want to click on Start sharing screen.

Depending on the browser you're using, you'll be prompted with a pop-up modal that allows you to select exactly which screen, window, or tab you'd like to share.

With Chrome, you'll have the option to share a tab. With other browsers, you will need to choose between Your Entire Screen or Application Window.

Note: If you share your entire screen, your Attendees will be able to see whatever you can see, including the Demio application.

Once you start sharing a window or screen, you'll see it being broadcasted in the viewer area. In your view, there will be a dark overlay and a message to let you know that your screen is being shared. If you are sharing your webcam, you will see your webcam above the shared screen view.

You can enable Spotlight to highlight what is being shared on screen πŸ’‘.

Swapping Screens

You can switch between the windows you share. While sharing your screen, you'll see a Change sharing window option that will re-prompt you with the screen selection window.

You will be able to select another application window or screen that will automatically stop the shared screen and start sharing the newly selected choice.

Stopping a Screen Share

To stop sharing your screen, simply click the same Stop Sharing option that appears in the video control panel or in the More Options (three dots) area.

You can also use the bar that shows at the bottom and select Stop sharing

Sharing screen on different browsers

Demio relies on the browser native screen share function. Depending on what browser you're using, there will be different options for what you can share. For example:

  • Google Chrome allows you to share full screen, a specific application window, or a specific Chrome tab.

  • Firefox allows you to select an application window or a screen you want to share or share the entire screen.

  • Safari would only allow sharing your entire screen at this time. You cannot share an individual browser tab or application.

Enabling permissions on macOS

If you're running on Mac OS v.10 or higher, you'd need to allow the browser you use to access screen share.
From System Preferences > Security&Privacy > Screen Recording, make sure that the toggle next to the browser is on:

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