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Share a Video

Learn how to share a video.

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Once you've uploaded your video as a Material, any Event Admin who has Presenter controls (Hosts/Presenters) can share it during the webinar.

Sharing a Video

From your Event room, you'll want to access the Sharing Materials menu located in the bottom center of your screen.

From there, you'll find a list of all the different items you can share including any Video Materials you may have added. Simply select the video from the list, and it'll start sharing with your audience immediately.

If you forgot to add a video and want to add it now, you can do so from the Event Settings. Be sure to refresh the Event room page to see the video in the Share menu.

The video will play with the original audio and you will have options to Pause, Restart, and Stop the video using the button in the bottom center.

By clicking on the 3 dots in the bottom right corner of the video, you'll open a menu with the options to Enable Spotlight and Stop Sharing.

You can enable Spotlight to highlight what is being shared on screen ๐Ÿ’ก.

Stop Sharing

To stop sharing the video, you can navigate back to the video controls menu and select Stop Sharing or from the More Options (three dots) on the bottom right of the video.

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