Once you've added it in as a Material, anyone who has Presenter controls (Hosts/Presenters) can share it during the webinar.

Sharing a Slide Presentation

From your webinar room, you'll want to open up the Share Menu by selecting Sharing Options icon in the center.

You'll see your sharing options, including any slides that you uploaded previously:

You'll then be brought to a list of your slides available with thumbnails and details, making it easy to preview the slide you wanted to choose.

Once you Start Sharing a Presentation, it'll be shown on the Main Stage!

You'll notice a few main options:

Towards the left and right, you'll see arrows allowing you to jump to the previous/next slide. To change slides, you can click on these arrows or use your keyboard control arrows to change slides.

You'll also find a slide counter, now located directly beneath the slide to allow you to keep tabs on the progress of the slide.

Lastly, you'll have a quick option located at the top to Stop Sharing the slide at any point!

Please note - if you switch between sharing your slide presentation and stop sharing, if you start sharing your presentation again, it will start at the slide you left off. This is important to remember if you test out the presentation before starting the session!

If you open up the Share Menu, you'll also be able to Stop Sharing the slide by clicking Stop Sharing Presentation.

Cool Things to Know

Here's something neat to keep in mind!

If you Stop Sharing your Slide Presentation or share a different Stream (Video Material or Screen Share) midway during your Presentation, jumping back into the same Slide Presentation will resume right where you left off!

Note: this does not apply if you start sharing a different Slide Presentation file—only if you jump between Video Materials/Screen Sharing options or Stop Sharing altogether.

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