We know it's important to maintain a professional image while recording your webinars and podcasts. With the virtual background feature, you are able to blur your background or upload a custom image as a virtual background.

Note: Custom background option is only available with Google Chrome.

You can set up the background before going on stage from Settings by clicking on the cogwheel icon.

Alternatively, you can click Go On Stage button to set up your background and devices right before going on stage.

A pop-up window will open, where you can select your webcam and/or microphone as needed as well as set up your background.

Once you toggle background settings on, you'll have options to blur your background or to upload a custom background.

You can choose between low and high blur.

Alternatively, you can upload a custom image to use as your virtual background. You can upload up to 4 images to choose from. You can upload images in JPEG, PNG or JPG formats.


The size limit for uploading an image is up to 5MB.

There are no restrictions on the image dimensions. Recommended dimensions the system can support without cropping are 1280x720x.

Once you're happy with the background settings, you can click Go On Stage to start presenting or click Apply Filter Changes to save the updates in the Settings.

You will be able to update background settings at any time during the event by opening the Settings window again from the cogwheel icon at the top right.

The chosen background will be applied to your video stream during the current and any future sessions hosted from your account until you update the background settings again.

Demio’s Free Virtual Backgrounds

Feel free to use images from Demio’s Free Virtual Backgrounds collection.

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