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Things to double check to allow a smooth Presenter webinar experience.

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As a Presenter for an upcoming Demio webinar, here's a list of things you should confirm for an optimal webinar experience!

1. Ensure you are joining from one of our supported browsers.

2. Close out of any unused applications or browser tabs. This will free up resources so that Demio can run more seamlessly.

3. Run a system check to make sure your permissions are set correctly for the browser and that the microphone and webcam are connected. Check out articles on how to set up permissions correctly if you face any issues here:

4. Make sure your bitrate is at the proper levels and you are not experiencing any packet loss. For Presenters who are presenting, speaking, or using a webcam, we recommend having a download & upload speed of at least 2mbps at a bare minimum, preferably higher than 5mbps.

If your device is on Wi-Fi, moving closer to your router can help. Plugging in directly using an Ethernet cable is even better for increasing your speed and stability. Also, take a minute to check out our Best Connectivity Practices.

5. Sometimes anti-virus programs can cause issues with your online audio/webcam permissions and will not allow you to enable your devices depending on the type of software. Disabling your anti-virus app or extensions would help in this case.

6. If your connection is restricted and does not allow you to connect to Demio streaming servers, you may need to open the required ports and whitelist the necessary domains to connect.

7. When you are ready to speak, after unmuting your microphone, wait approximately two seconds before speaking. This allows time for Demio's streams to fully connect and ensure the entire room can hear you!

That's it! Now you have everything ready to successfully present at the upcoming event, and if you'd like a more visual experience, we've included a video to talk you through what the Event room looks like. πŸŽ‰

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