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Resources: Featured Action (Call-to-Action)
Resources: Featured Action (Call-to-Action)

Learn how to send Call-to-Action links to Attendees.

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With our Featured Actions, any Hosts/Admins can send customized Call-to-Action links directly from their Event!

When timed correctly, these are great ways to send any Attendees to something or somewhere actionable—maybe to lock in an offer on your own website, or a link to your social media. You can even add Calendly, Chili Piper, or HubSpot Calendar links and launch them as a Featured Action during the Session if you want to schedule a meeting with prospects or customers.

Setting up a Featured Action

From your Chat Box on the right, you'll want to select the plus symbol (+) located near the message box. Doing so will showcase a few options, including the option to set up a Featured Action.

You'll be shown the Add Featured Action window, with a few options!

  • Title: this will be the name of your Featured Action—Attendees will see this when it is shared.

  • Link URL: the link you want your Featured Action to send Attendees to.

  • Button Text: the text printed on the button.

  • Preview Image: you also have the option to add an image (minimum size 400px x 400px). Once it finishes uploading, you also have the option to Download Image or Delete Image.

Once your Featured Action is set up and you're happy with how everything looks, you can choose one of two options!

  • Share Now: this will share it with your Attendees, right there and then.

  • Save: this allows you to save your newly created Featured Action to share it later.

Saving a Featured Action will add it as an Existing action when you select the plus symbol (+) located near the message box.

This is a great option for allowing you to create Featured Actions ahead of time.

Sharing a Featured Action

Now that you have the Featured Action set up, it's pretty easy to share!

If you saved the Featured Action while setting it up, selecting the Featured Action from the Existing Actions will open a pop-up window, allowing you to Save or Share the action.

When you select the Share Now option, it will share it immediately and the Featured Action will appear directly in the webinar room!

On the pop-up itself, it'll showcase the Title, the Featured Image (if it was included), and the button linking out to your URL. For any Hosts/Admins, it will also show the number of times it's been clicked, including the percentage of Attendees that have clicked it.

You'll have an option to close the pop-up, but it won't disappear for the Attendees! Each Attendee will be able to close the pop-up individually.

Only one Featured Action will stay in the room at a time. If you send a new Featured Action, it will remove the previous one from the room!

Deleting a Featured Action

You can also delete a Featured Action after it has been shared. To do so, click on the action and select More Options (three dots) located at the top-right. You will see the option to Delete Featured Action, which will prompt you to then proceed with removing the Featured Action from your Event.

Just keep in mind that once you delete the Featured Action, you will have to set it up all over again.

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