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Swapping the Automated Video
Swapping the Automated Video

Learn how to swap videos in your Automated Event.

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You can swap out the automated video for any of your Automated Events.

Swapping the video will reset the On-Demand Attendance graph.

In order to swap your video, you'll want to hop into the Customize section of your Automated Event.

Then click on Automation:

Click on the 3 dots to Swap Video.

Then, select a new video to upload. It should be in the following formats .MP4 .MPG .MPEG .M4V .AVI .FLV .WEBM and up to 5 GB. We recommend ensuring that your video is web-optimized before uploading it.

Alternatively, you can also select a recording from a previous live Event to replace that Automated video.

Once you upload a new video or select a recording, click on the Swap the Video button and the video will begin processing immediately.

The previous video will be used until the new one has completed processing. The Registration page will remain active during this time.

If you swap the automated video while the Event is running, the video will not automatically change for the Sessions that are already in progress. Any active Sessions will continue to play the old video.

You will see the following notice to confirm the previous video will be used until this new video has finished processing.

And the same notice will appear at the top section of your Event settings:

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