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Standard vs. Series Event
Standard vs. Series Event

Learn more about the Series Event type.

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We currently have a few different Event types that you can run: Standard, Series, and Automated.

For the sake of this comparison, we'll only be looking at our Standard and Series Events. While they both work in a similar way, especially when it comes to the setup, there are some core differences that are important to consider!

Standard Events require Registrants to sign up for a specific existing Session. Registrants will need to register for each Session in the Standard Event separately.

Series Events allow Registrants to join any Session with a single registration since the Unique Join Link will be the same for every Session in the Series Event. If you also enable the email reminders, Attendees will receive reminder emails for every upcoming Session, since in a Series they are registered to all upcoming Sessions in the Event.

Series Events can even capture registrations even when there aren't any Sessions scheduled for the Event.

If you would like Attendees to register once for all the Sessions in an Event, we recommend creating a Series Event. In this case, your contacts can register once and stay registered for the entire webinar series.

The setup for a Series Event is the same as a Standard Event, with all the scheduling options occurring afterward.

With our flexible scheduling options, you'll be able to add a new upcoming Session to your Events at any time!

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