Scheduling an Event

Learn how to add upcoming Sessions to your Event.

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With our flexible scheduling options, you'll be able to add a new upcoming Session at any time, including:

  • after customizing the Event (instead of during the initial Event creation)

  • when all previously scheduled Sessions have finished (the Event will remain available)

  • using different schedule types (mixing recurring schedules with one-time Sessions)

We've made it incredibly easy to do just that!

When is this Event happening? ⏱

Once you're ready to add Sessions, you'll want to jump into the Summary area of your Event. From there, you'll find your summary table where you can view and manage your Upcoming and Past Sessions (or On-Demand for Automated Events).

To add a Session, you'll need to select the + Schedule Sessions button in the top-right.

A modal will appear with two options to choose from:

  • Single Date & Time: Perfect for Sessions that occur on a specific date.

  • Recurring Times: For Sessions that occur on a repeating schedule. Great for scheduling Events that you want to run daily/weekly/monthly!

Select the date, and start & estimated end time (and the frequency, for any recurring Sessions) and you'll be ready to continue.

  • The minimum session duration is 15 minutes.

  • The maximum duration of your Events is based on your subscription plan.

πŸ’‘ Your Event won't automatically end at the estimated End Time you set when scheduling the Session. You have to manually end the session from the Event Room when the time is right.

Confirm your choice by selecting the Add to Event Schedule button to lock it in.

πŸ’‘ What if I want to run the Event multiple times, but at specific times that don't recur?
Easy! Just add multiple Single Date & Time Sessions, each with a specific time. Remember, you can always add additional Sessions to your Event at any time.

Blackout Dates

You can quickly add Blackout Dates directly from within the same Summary area.

These are simply time periods where your Event will not be available or not recur.

You're all set! Your newly scheduled Session will appear within the summary table under the Upcoming Sessions tab.

Reschedule Session

If you need to reschedule the Session, you can change date and time at any time from the Session menu:

Once you click to edit the date and time of the Session, it will ask you if you would like to Notify Registrants to let them know the date and/or time has been updated.

Here's what the Session Rescheduled Notification Email would look like!

The automated message cannot be edited at this time.

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