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Cancelling a Session

Learn how to cancel a single Session or a Recurring Schedule.

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A Brief Rundown ✨

Do you need to cancel a Session? Whether it's a specific date/time or an entire recurring schedule, we make it easy to accomplish!

Cancelling a Single Session

To cancel a specific Session, you'll want to jump into the Summary area of your Event.

From there, you'll need to locate the Session from the Upcoming Sessions tab and use the Cancel Session option from the dropdown to cancel the Session.

If the Session currently has Registrants, you'll be shown a confirmation prompt with the option to select Notify Registrants that the Session has been cancelled.

Stopping a Recurring Schedule

If you have a recurring schedule that is generating Sessions for your Event, you'll be able to stop the recurring schedule at any time.

From the top of the same Summary area (under the Upcoming Sessions tab), you'll find a list of any recurring schedules that exist.

In order to stop the schedule, simply use the Stop Sessions From Recurring option from the dropdown.

Stopping a recurring schedule converts any Sessions that have registrants into single sessions and cancels any Sessions that don't have any Registrants.

Wrap Up!

That's it! If you're finished with an Event altogether, you can proceed to archive/delete the Event instead.

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