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Archive/Delete an Event
Archive/Delete an Event

Learn how to archive an Event, or delete it completely.

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A Quick Overview ✨

Have an Event that you no longer plan on running? You can archive the Event, or delete it altogether.

We make it incredibly easy to do either!

Archiving an Event

When you're finished running an Event, you can go ahead and archive the Event. This will allow you to keep your Event data, but disable any pages (Registration/Replay), cancel any scheduled Sessions, and remove the Event from your active Events.

You can quickly archive an Event by navigating to your Events page and locating the Event from your list. Once you've found the Event, simply select the dropdown and you'll find the Archive option.

You can also select the same option from within a specific Event.

You can also un-archive your Event at any time and start using it again!

Deleting an Event

If you'd like to remove your Event altogether, you can go in and delete any archived Event. This will permanently remove all of the Event data including any Recordings, so be sure you want to proceed with this option.

To delete your Event, navigate to the Archived section of your Events page. You'll find a trash icon on your Event that you can use to delete it altogether.

You can also find the Delete Event action through the dropdown within the specific Event.

Wrap Up!

That's it! If you need to stop a specific Session rather than archive the entire Event, you can learn how to cancel a Session instead.

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