With OBS, you can do some custom arrangements using a free software called OBS.

To connect OBS to Demio, you'd need to use a plugin for OBS called OBS Virtual Camera. This would turn your OBS setup in to a feed recognized by the browser as a webcam.

And if you're able to get your OBS output recognized by your browser as a webcam, you should be good to go! 😎

Below is a quick overview of how to get started:

1) Install OBS installer and Virtual-OBS-CAM for MAC or Virtual OBS-CAM for Windows

2) Reboot computer and open OBS

3) Add a Video Capture Device as a Source

4) Once you have your Video Capture Device stream added, you can then right click anywhere in the screen to customize the layout further such as adding a background color, add text, images, video and so on.

5) Once you finish customizing the layout, go to Demio to schedule a live session

6) Then, restart OBS by closing and re-opening the tool.

7) Next, start the Virtual Camera from OBS:

To do that, in OBS select ‘Tools’ from the top menu, then ‘Start Virtual Camera’

8) After that, you should now see ‘OBS Virtual Camera’ as a webcam option in Demio when you join a Demio session. 🙌

Note: You will still need to select your usual microphone as the audio source.

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