Brief Overview

Integrating Demio with ClickFunnels is super easy!

The easiest method will be to use our built-in embed code options alongside ClickFunnels Custom JS/HTML element.

Using The Embed

To start, you'll need to grab the embed code for the registration form from your event.

You can find exactly how to do that: Embed Your Registration Form

On ClickFunnels

Once you have the code ready, you'll want to add it using the Custom JS/HTML element on ClickFunnels.

It'll be available from the Elements under the Misc. section.

Place the element where you'd like the registration form/button to be located and select it to start customizing it.

Using the Open Code Editor option will pull up the code editor where you can drop in the embed code you grabbed earlier.

Finally, you'll want to set the Custom Code Type to Regular HTML/JS

Wrap Up!

That's it! Once you preview the ClickFunnels page, you should find that the registration form appears as intended.

Update: 001-190501

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