Let's break it down! 🙌

Are you looking to capture registrations with a bit more control over the process?

Using our embed options, you can add the registration form on a custom landing page. We offer a few different choices to ensure it fits perfectly with your setup. Simply choose your embed option, copy the snippet of code, and pop it onto your page. Boom!

Note: Keep in mind that we do require your landing page to support both HTML and JavaScript (JS) to work correctly.

What are the options? ⚡️

To begin, you'll want to hop into the Share tab for your event. From there, you'll find the Embed Options tab where you'll be able to tweak the options related to your registration embed and generate your embed code.

You have a few options to choose between!

Inline Embed

This will be your go-to for adding your form directly. We give you access to both an Unstyled and Styled form embed.

Unstyled: a blank form template that will inherit the styling that is applied to your landing page.

Styled: this one is pre-styled, with a few options to change the button text and color.

Popover Embed

This one sets you up with a pop-over option that contains the Registration Form in a pop-up modal.

Link: you'll see the pop-over option as an inline link—this means you can add it directly as part of your text.

Button: this adds that pop-over link as a button instead.

Getting it all added! 🍬

Once you've selected the Embed Option you'd like to go forward with, simply copy the code that is generated and paste it in your custom page code.

Looking to embed the registration on other page builders? We have articles on some of them here: ClickFunnels and Leadpages

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