With Demio's People section under the Event's Activity section, you can build a filtered list of contacts based on past or upcoming webinars.

Just head over to the Activity section of your event. You can see all your contact's details at a glance even without going to each contact!

You can select which session you want to view the contacts of.

For upcoming sessions, you can quickly copy the contact's unique join linkĀ 

For past sessions, you can also segment this webinar's contacts by those who attended or missed the session.

Clicking on a contact will show you further information such as additional form details and their activity log (Registration date & time, join and exit time stamp). If the contact has an upcoming session, you'll also have the option to resend their confirmation or cancel their registration.

You can export any segment of contacts as a .CSV file by clicking on the 'Export CSV' button in the top right. The export will contain all the contact's details.

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