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Privacy, data protection, and security have always been and will continue to be a top priority for the Demio team.

Demio is fully browser-based and we support only modern browsers which follow best practices in terms of security rules. We use ONLY encrypted data communication channels with modern SSL/TLS protocols and 256-bit certificates. For registrations, we use 16 symbols long Unique Join Links which contain 26 lower, and 26 uppercase alphabetical characters, and 10 digits. There are 4.84 · 10^28 (the number with 28 zeros) possible combinations.

Data storage

Demio in-Session information collected during the meeting, webinar, and training sessions is protected by the use of HTTPS encrypted connections and is stored on encrypted disk storage. Our servers are currently primarily located in the US.

“In-session information” includes all screen sharing data, keyboard/mouse control data, and text chat information. This information is never exposed in unencrypted form while temporarily resident within Demio’s communication infrastructure servers or during transmission across public or private networks. Information about scheduled and prior meetings, webinars and/or trainings is stored on our website and is available to our customers and their authenticated users that have received an invitation from the organizer.

Certain data and information that registrants submit when registering for an Event or information that Demio collects when they are accessing the platform can be retained and stored. This data will be subject to the Demio Privacy Policy. Refer to Section 2 of our Privacy Policy to see what data we may collect and store when the User/Registrant is accessing the Demio platform.

Data removal

We do not delete any Registrants' data as long as you have an active account with Demio. You can delete Registrants' information at any point by simply archiving and then deleting your Event once it has ended (you can also export your data prior to doing this).

Once your account is canceled we aim to delete all information within 30 days. You can request a GDPR deletion at any time by contacting our Support team and we’ll remove all your company data from Demio.

Demio recovery objectives

Recovery Time Objective (RTO) - 1 hour.

Recovery Point Objective (RPO) - 24 hours.

We create a backup of the main database every 24 hours.

Direct CRM integrations

All integrations are push-only and can create/update Registrants' details in the integrated CRM. Demio relies on a unique identifier to look up contacts only using Registrants' email addresses. Demio doesn't have access to any other specific data within the integrated CRMs.

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