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Setting Up An Integration

Learn how to set up an integration.

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Time to rock! 🎸

Setting up an integration will allow you to add any Registrants to your email list, pass in any data, and segment them based on their behavior. The best part is that we make it super easy to get it all set up! Let's run through it now.

Before You Start

Note: Event integration has to be enabled before Registrants start signing up. Integration triggers won't fire correctly if integration is set up after Registrants have already signed up for the Event.

Before you're able to set up the integration options in your Event, you'll need to connect the integration account in your User settings.

You need to have at least one tag/list created in your CRM before you can set up an integration in Demio.

If you have required fields in your CRM, you should add the same required fields to your Demio Registration form and map them to your CRM required fields. Otherwise, Demio won’t be able to submit contacts from Demio to the CRM as your CRM won't accept contacts without the required field values.

Initial Setup

To start, you'll want to hop into the webinar set up by clicking on the title of your Event then the Customize tab.

From there, you'll find the Integrations card where you can handle exactly which integration is used and how it should handle the contact's details.

Keep in mind, that only the integration accounts you've connected will be displayed. For our example, we'll be using ActiveCampaign, but these choices should work the same for each integration.

When you're ready to get started, enable the integration you'd like to use for that Event.

Note: If Demio returns an error when you're trying to enable integration, check if you have at least one tag/list created in your CRM first.

A pop-over will appear and you'll be prompted to choose a list or tag (depending on which integration tool you were using) to connect and assign to any Registrants.

Select one of the options from the dropdown to complete the initial setup.

While there are a few more customization options to explore, we've taken care of the bare minimum. Any Registrants will now be added as contacts in your email marketing tool in the list or under the tag that was chosen.

Passing In Details

Each integration will also allow you to pass additional details, including any custom details that were captured during the registration.

Select the Form on the pop-over and you'll find a list of all the fields you've included on the Registration form.

We've automatically connected the default First Name and Email values to their corresponding fields in the integration.

For any Custom Fields that were added to the Registration form, you'll be able to select a custom text field to add it to. The data from the Demio Registration Form fields will be sent to the associated CRM fields for each Registrant.

You'll also be able to pass in the Unique Join Link generated for each Registrant. From the General tab, simply toggle the Save Join Link option and you'll be able to select a custom text field.

We only detect text fields for passing in any details. If any custom fields are missing, please ensure that they are set as a text field in your integration.

Segment Based On Behavior

In addition to passing in details, you'll also be able to set up specific behavior-based actions.

We currently allow you to add actions to the following segments: 

Attendees: Registrants that joined their Session.

No Shows: Registrants that didn't show up for their Session.

You'll be able to assign a specific action to be performed on each of the above groups. Each integration will have different actions available which are listed in the dropdown.

That's the bulk of it! Once you're happy with your setup, click Save Integration to lock in your changes.

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