What exactly is source tracking?

Source tracking is a strategy used to track the origin of specific traffic, or in this case, Registrations. It provides additional data marketers can use to qualify and measure the success of various channels and campaigns.

Any time someone registers for one of your Events, we'll automatically capture and store their registration source if it's available. We'll grab any UTM parameters accompanying the URL and a Referral URL if a specific website shares the registration link.






Used to identify the specific promotion or campaign by id.

UTM Source


Used for the traffic source such as a specific search engine, social network, etc.

UTM Medium


Used for the medium such as email, social post, etc.

UTM Name (Campaign)


Used to identify the specific promotion or campaign by name.

UTM Term


Used for paid search. Identifies the specific terms/keywords used.

UTM Content


Used for A/B testing and identifies the content that the URL came from.

Referral URL

(captured based on where the registration link was shared)

How can I begin tracking?

As source tracking comes enabled across all registration pages and any of the above values are captured automatically (as long as they're passed/detected), you can begin using standard UTM parameters in your URLs, and it will start tracking your registrations.

To being adding UTM parameters to your links, append the parameter to the Demio registration page URL.

You can attach as many UTM values as you'd like. Here's an example:


We highly recommend using a URL builder to generate your links! Here's a popular choice: https://ga-dev-tools.web.app/campaign-url-builder/

Tracking on Embedded Registration Forms: Source tracking is supported across our embed form options as well (with the exception of our unstyled HTML forms—source tracking is not supported with this embed style). Simply add the same UTM parameters to the URL where the registration form is embedded and they'll be tracked/passed when a contact registers. Here's an example:


Tracking on API/Zapier Registrations: At this time, we don't support source tracking for any registrations that occur via our API or Zapier.

Tracking with 1-Click Join Links: At this time, we don't support source tracking for any registrations that occur via 1-Click Join Links.

Where can I access the data?

All source tracking data will be available within the People table found on the Activity tab of your Event. As your registrations come in, it will populate the table with any values tied to those contacts.

The data can be filtered by Session or by date range across multiple Sessions.

The tracking values will also be found within the People card for individual contacts and included in your CSV export. While it's currently not possible to push the data to any third-party tool automatically, you can manually export the Registrants' list with the UTM data and import it into a third-party tool manually as a workaround.

Available on Growth/Premium: Since Source Tracking is only available on our Growth or Premium plans, Users on our Starter plans can not access any tracking data. However, Starter Users can upgrade at any time to retroactively unlock previously captured data.

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