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Learn everything you need to know about integrating Demio with Shopify.

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While we don't currently have a direct integration with Shopify, you can add a Demio Registration Form directly within the Shopify page. And the easiest method will be to use our built-in embed code options.

To start, you'll need to grab the unstyled snippet of the HTML embed code for the Registration Form from your event to embed into your Shopify website.

You can find exactly how to do that here: Embed Your Registration Form

Note: when using the unstyled form, if you make any changes to your event, you should generate a new code to embed on your Shopify website.

Next, once you have the code ready, navigate to the page you want to embed the form into by going to Online Store > Pages

Make sure you're in the HTML editor when pasting the code in the iframe!

Click Save then View page –– Shopify doesn't show any edits in View mode until you've saved them.

That's it! Once you preview the Shopify page, you should find that the registration form appears as intended.

If you're looking to list multiple Events, you can do so with the Showcase feature.

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