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Closed Captions on Recordings [Beta]
Closed Captions on Recordings [Beta]

Check how to enable Closed Captions for your Recording in just a few clicks.

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With closed captions on your Demio Replay, you can transcribe spoken words and sounds into written text that appears on the screen for your native Replay page. Closed captions make content more accessible to a wider audience and improve the overall viewing experience.

Enable Closed Captions

From the Recording Page Editor, clock on Settings and toggle the Closed captions button:

You'll see a message asking you to select the language for the closed captions.

You can choose any language, and the transcript will be automatically translated for you. For example, if your webinar is in English and you select the German language for closed captions, your webinar transcript will be automatically translated into German and subtitles will be displayed in German on your Replay Page.

Select the language and wait for the closed captions to process.

Generating closed captions can take from 20 minutes to about half the length of the recording video. Once closed captions are ready, the Language drop-down will become clickable again:

Watch Replay with Closed Captions

You can watch the Replay video with applied closed captions from the Replay Page on Demio! Closed captions can be enabled/disabled from the player by each individual viewer:

Note: Closed captions may not be 100% accurate and the quality may vary depending on the content, audio quality, background noise, accents, etc.

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