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Adding Custom Code

Learn how to add custom code to your different Event pages.

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Custom, you say? ✨

The custom code options will allow you to add any scripting (JavaScript) code to the Head of the page code to add pixels or tracking tools to your Event.

Oftentimes, different codes will be added to different pages to track a contact's progression through different stages. You can add a custom code snippet to the following pages, all corresponding to a different page that the contact will see.

  • Registration Page: The code will be added to the default Registration page.

  • Thank You Page: The code will be added to the default Thank You page that is shown to contacts after a successful registration.

  • Replay Page: The code will be added to the Replay page that houses the recording.

  • Webinar Room: The code will be added to the webinar room itself.

Getting It Added

To start, you'll want to hop into the Additional Options by clicking on the button at the right-hand side of the Event card and clicking Customize.

From there, you'll find the Integrations card where you'll be able to manage any custom code that's added to the Event pages.

Select the Settings options and a pop-over will appear.

You'll want to start by selecting a specific page and section to apply the code to.

Then, simply paste your custom code in.


  • Custom codes added to the webinar room page are not applied to the countdown/waiting screen. Any Registrant redirected into the webinar room automatically will have a "?success" identifier on the end of the URL (e.g. with On-Demand sessions and sessions that are currently in progress).

  • On-Demand Sessions do not have a Thank You page, Registrants are redirected to a Demio webinar room page as soon as they sign up, so you will not be able to use any custom code for an On-Demand Event's Thank You page.

Feel free to add more custom code options by selecting Add New. Once you're set, save your settings and you're all good to go!

πŸ’‘ The custom code area is for tracking codes that can only be added to the Head of the page - if you add custom code to change the layout, we won't support it. If you would like additional customizability for your Registration pages, we suggest embedding the Demio Registration form! Check out how to get your form embedded.

If you're looking to add a Facebook pixel, check out this article: How to add Facebook Pixel to your event pages?

If you're using a Free Trial account, your custom code will be published once you upgrade your account to any paid plan.

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