Support For Attendees 👥

For any Attendees joining an event, we currently support the full-gamut of browsers!

Desktop Support 

On desktop, we support Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Edge.

Here are the minimum version requirements for each browser:
Chrome 55+
Firefox 49+
Internet Explorer 11+
Safari 8+
(All Versions)

* Both Safari and Edge are additional browsers that are currently being supported in Beta. Check out the additional note below for more details.

Mobile Support

On mobile, we have native browser support for both iOS (using Safari Beta Support, enabled on a per-event basis) and Android (using the default web browser app).

Any Attendees joining an event on mobile will be able to join directly through their Unique Join Link.

Additional Browser Support 🌟

Beta Release

Support for both Safari and Edge is currently under Beta. You'll be able to enable support for both browsers directly from your event options on a per-event basis.

Navigate to the Room card where you'll be able to manage everything related to what goes on in the event room.

To enable Additional Browser Support, you'll want to select the Settings tab.

15-Second Delay

Any session that is attended using Safari or Edge will incur a 15-second stream delay due to browser limitations.

To access the event with zero-latency/real-time streaming, we recommend Attendees join from one of our other supported browsers (Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer).

Event Room

Any Attendees joining from Safari or Edge will be shown a popover when they first enter the room, explaining the stream delay. They'll also be prompted with the option to join from an alternative real-time streaming browser.

Additionally, any chat messages sent from these Attendees will have a delay icon next to them (only shown to Admins) to indicate that these Attendees were experiencing delayed streaming.

Support For Admins 👨‍🏫

For any Admins joining an event (this includes Hosts, Presenters, and Moderators), we support Google Chrome or Firefox on Desktop (we don't have mobile support yet).

These browsers would allow full functionality of any Presenter abilities (sharing webcam/microphones, screen sharing, etc.) and Moderator abilities (moderating the chat, etc.).

Here are the minimum version requirements for each browser:
Chrome 63+
Firefox 53+


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