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Materials are a great way for you add shareable content (or shareable material) to your event. We currently have two types:

Presentation Slides: prepare a presentation for the event

Video: share a video during the event

We make it super easy to get them added! Once you do, they'll be available for you to share directly in the event room itself.

Getting them added!

To start, you'll want to hop into the Additional Options by clicking on the button at the right-hand side of the event card and clicking Customize event:

From there, you'll need to open the Customize tab and find the Room block where you can add new materials and manage existing ones.

Note: You can add up to 20 individual materials per event.

Add a Slide Presentation

The first type of sharing material you can add are slide presentations.

To add a new slide presentation, go to Presentation Materials and select the Add A Material option.

Select Presentation Slides for the type of material and give it a name.

Then you'll want to upload your slide file using the file upload box available. We support KEY, PPT, PPTX, DPS, ODP, POT, POTX, PPS, PPSX, PPTM, SDA, and PDF formats.

It'll take a few moments for the file to upload.

Once it's completed uploading, submit your changes and you'll find it appears in your list of materials.

Every presentation requires some time to process. Once it's completed, a thumbnail of the slide will appears and the slide count will be added beneath the title.

Add a Video

The other type of sharing material you can add are videos.

To add a new video, select Video for the type of material instead. Remember to also give it a name!

Drop in the YouTube URL that houses your video of choosing.  Your video should be Public or Unlisted in YouTube.

💡 Note:  Your settings in YouTube for your video must be set to allow embedding.  This setting is located under Additional Options in your YouTube video settings.

That's it! Submit your changes and you'll find it appears in your list of materials.

Update: 001-181001

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