After your recording has finished uploading to your account, Demio will automatically create a simple Replay page for you to share.

Head over to the Dashboard page and select All Past under the Schedule Filter, you'll be then presented to all your past live events and you'll see a recording button like so:

Once you've click the Recording button you will find the options to:

  • Copy the Replay page link
  • Open the Replay page in a new tab
  • Open the Replay editor to customize your headline, page color, or button text
  • Download your recording
  • Delete your recording

Recording Editor

The Recording Editor is similar in appearance to the Registration page editor.

Let's explore the options! 🍬

Equipped with the editor, you'll be able to make a variety of changes. Let's take a look at them now.


Setting the Design

You'll have three unique design templates to choose from:

Accent: A minimal design using a white background with an accent line along the left side.

Gradient: A colored subtle gradient automatically set based on the color settings used under Branding.

Background Image: A custom image that can be uploaded directly.*
*A minimum requirement: 1080px (width) by 500px (height)


Adding a Custom Logo

To change the logo, you can select to Upload a Logo from the Branding options. You'll be prompted to upload a new image file to use.

For the idea logo size, we recommended the a width-to-height ratio of 5:1 and a minimum width of 1060 pixels.

If you've added a custom logo through your account's branding settings, it'll appear on your events by default.

Customizing your Color Scheme

You'll be able to adjust the primary color used on your replay page.

To change the color scheme, click the color option under Branding and use the color picker or add a hex value.

Similar to the custom logo, if you've already chosen an account-wide color setting, it'll be set as the default.


You'll find a few options to pick-and-choose different elements you'd like to include on your Replay page.


The headline allows you to jump in and adjust the title that is set on the Replay page.


You'll be able to add a snippet of text below the headline.


You'll be shown a Call-to-Action window, with a few options!

Title: this will be the name of your Call to Action—Attendees will see this when it is shared.

URL: the link you want your Call to Action to send Attendees to.

Button Text: the text printed on the button


Using a format-rich text editor, you'll be able to customize the content that is shown on the page.

You'll find options for custom formatting, different list options, as well as options to add images directly.

Featured Presenters

You can add a custom widget to showcase any presenters that hosted the event.

You'll be able to add their profile photo, their name, and even a short bio.

Ready to launch! 🚀

Once you're happy with your changes, hit the Save & Close button in the top-left corner.

All set! You'll find that all of the new changes are reflected on your Replay page.


Update: 180326-001

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