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Customize Boost Sharing Page
Customize Boost Sharing Page

How to personalize your Sharing Page.

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By personalizing the Sharing Page, you can create a more specific and tailored look for your audience. You can access the page editor to customize the look and feel of your Sharing Page from the Event's Customize tab.

The editor allows you to alter the template and branding of the Sharing Page.


From the Template section, you can customize the following elements:

  • Header Alignment: left, right, or central.

  • Theme for the background:

    • Boost Basic is the default Boost background.

    • Gradient pulls the color from the Branding section > Background Color Scheme.

    • Background Image allows to upload a custom image and set the opacity level for it.

  • Component Alignment: aligns the Share this event! and Rewards elements vertically or horizontally on the page.


From the Branding section, you can customize the following features:

  • Element Color Scheme: sets the color of the Rewards score progress.

  • Header Logo: replaces the logo for each individual Event. The default logo would be pulled in from Demio Branding settings.

  • Primary Font Size and Color Scheme: sets the color for the Event title and "Share this event!", "Your Score", and "Rewards" text.

  • Secondary Font Size and Color Scheme: sets the color of the descriptions text, e.g. the "Choose where to share with your community" text.

Ready to launch πŸš€

Once you're happy with your changes, hit the Save & Close button in the top-left corner.

All set! You'll find that all of the new changes are reflected on your Sharing Page.

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