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How to Boost Registrations
How to Boost Registrations

How to set up Boost for your content.

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Click Boost Registrations from the Products menu at the top of any Demio page.

You will see the list of all active Demio Events, and all Event Registrants will automatically be synced here.

Click Set Up next to the Event that you would like to Boost registrations for. Once you click Set Up, there will be four tabs available: Audience, Customize, and Activity.


All Registrants from your Event will be included here. Once Registrants share within their social media platforms, how many registrations they collect will also be viewable on this tab.



Here you can customize email templates to send to each Registrant thanking them for registering and requesting they Boost your Event by sharing within their networks. Within this email, each Registrant will be provided with a unique sharing link for your Event/content.

Boost will automatically substitute the logo on email templates in Boost using the logo from your associated Demio event's Registration Page. If you want to edit the logo, you can edit it within the Demio event's Registration Page Editor and it will automatically be updated in Boost.


Offer rewards or gifts to help engage more people. Customize the details and upload an image in this section. Assign points, meaning how many shares are required before the reward can be redeemed.

Sharing Page

By personalizing the Sharing Page, you can create a more specific and tailored look for your audience. You can access the page editor to customize the look and feel of your Sharing Page from the Event's Customize tab.

Social Sharing Options

In this section, customize the content for specific social media platforms. Boost will support promotion to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Gmail. Each platform allows different types of customization. Customize content and upload an image. Once customizations are complete, click Done.

Once all customizations are complete in the sections above, click Launch. All Registrants will then receive the email that was previously customized under the Email section with their unique sharing link.

When the Registrant clicks on their unique sharing link in the email, they will be able to choose which of their social media platforms they would like to share to. This post share will invite their network to the same Demio Event that they are registered for. The number of Registrants they were able to collect as well as how many points they've accumulated for the reward will also be viewable on this page.


Here you will find a detailed breakdown of the number of registrations for an event received from various social media platforms, ie: Facebook, Twitter, Email and LinkedIn. This identifies which social media platforms are most effective.

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