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Customize the Showcase Page
Customize the Showcase Page

Explore all of the options you have for customizing your Showcase.

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Now that you've created your Showcase, let's explore all of the Customization options to make it look exactly how you'd like!

In order to access the customization options, you can navigate to your Showcase dashboard and click on the Showcase you'd like to customize.

Events Order

By default, Events are ordered by creation date from newest to oldest. You can change this setting and sort Events in alphabetical order from the Events tab of your Showcase.

Embedded Page Editor

To further customize your Showcase, go to the Customize tab and open the Embedded Page section. From here, click on the green Customize button.

On the left-hand side, you will see all of your options to customize your Showcase. We will breakdown each one of these from the beginning.


We offer both a Grid View and List View. You will also be able to select a Gradient or Background Image for your Showcase background. Simply click the drop-downs to access those options.


Demio offers a multitude of options for Showcase Branding, including:

  • Primary Font Size and Color Scheme

  • Secondary Font Size and Color Scheme

  • Background Color Scheme and Card background Color Scheme

These can all be adjusted individually to make your Showcase look exactly how you would like.

Below is an example of what playing around with some of those color options looks like.

Event Sorting

By default, Events are ordered starting from the most recently created. You can switch the order and sort Events alphabetically instead.


You can upload a Logo to your Branding section to really set your Showcase apart from everyone else's. For the ideal logo size, we recommended a width-to-height ratio of 5:1 and a minimum width of 1060 pixels.


The last big piece of customizing your Showcase is the Elements on the page.

  • The Filter element will allow Registrants to search for Events happening the next day, next week, or next month.

  • Search will allow Registrants to find specific Events by Event name.

  • Pagination enables pagination if the number of Events is too high for the frame to handle. This helps your Registrants find, by page, your Events.

  • Lastly, you can enable or hide the elements of your Event Registration pages, such as Event Image (which will be pulled from the Demio Registration page background), Name/Headline, Subheadline, Description, and Presenters.

You can utilize some or all of these to help specialize your Showcase and create the most unique product possible!

For the Event Image, you're able to choose the image source from either the Event Registration Page Background Image or the Open Graph Social Image.

Next steps 👣

When you're ready, click on Save & Close at the top left to save the changes.

With these tips, you will be set to customize your Showcase and get ready to embed it into your website! ☀️

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